Redhead Lauren Philips Takes Revenge of Cheating BF by Getting DPd by His Brother & Friend

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After a long day at work, Lauren Philips comes back to her house to find a note on the coffee table. The note, written by her boyfriend and addressed to her, says that hes been dating another woman and hes gone off to be with her. Upon reading the letter, Lauren finds herself in utter dismay and in need of comfort. So, she phones her now ex-BFs brother Jay and asks him to come over with his friend Ramon. Minutes later, Jay and Ramon arrive at the house and Lauren explains whats happened. From there, it doesnt take long for Lauren to come up with the idea to take revenge on her now ex-BF by fucking his brother Jay and his friend. When she proposes the idea to Jay, hes on board since his brother fucked his girlfriend in high school why he was away on a soccer trip. So, Lauren gets naked, Jay and Ramon whip out their cocks, and they begin to take pictures of her sucking both of their cocks. After a wild threesome and a hardcore DP, Jay and Ramon finish all over Laurens chest.