MommysBoy – Brooke Banner – Keep Smothering Me!

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Brooke Banner, a loving stepmother, is worried about her stepson, Michael Swayze. It’s just that he’s always so clingy, never wanting to go out and be with other people. Most people are worried about being smothered by their parents but it’s like Michael WANTS to be smothered! As she talks about it with her friend over the phone, she realizes that this is serious and that something HAS to be done. That’s when she gets an idea and lets her friend go. Later on, Brooke settles in with Michael to watch some TV. Michael seems happy enough but when Brooke carefully suggests that it’s time for Michael to find a nice girlfriend instead of hanging out with his stepmom, Michael throws a tantrum. Although Brooke’s startled, her motherly instincts kick in as she soothes him, holding him close to her bosom. Michael finally admits that he doesn’t have or WANT a girlfriend because he could never love another woman as much as he loves Brooke! And not just in a family way either. But now that he’s admitted as such, he’s terrified that he’s RUINED his relationship with Brooke, which leads to potentially having another tantrum. Now that Brooke understands her stepson more, she’s ready to do what it takes to help him work through his feelings. In order to prove that their relationship is still strong, and to help him calm down, Brooke decides to give him a little extra love. Maybe once she’s worked out all that energy he’ll finally stop smothering HER??