Alexis Fawx And Jessie Saint – Caught In The Act

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Pornstar : Alexis Fawx, Jessie Saint


Debbie (Jade Baker) can’t believe her best friend Karen (Macy Meadows) had sex with her stepmom. They both walk to her friend Carter’s (Jessie Saint) house. This stupid pact needs to stop. Debbie knocks at the door, but nobody answers the door. The two friends don’t understand, she was supposed to be there. Debbie and Karen look around the house and when they arrive in the backyard, they find them. Carter and her stepmom Alicia (Alexis Fawx) are in the living room dressed in yoga clothes. Carter is behind her and is caressing her legs, then her stepmom’s ass. Debbie can’t believe what she’s witnessing. Another one of her friends is about to have sex with her stepmom and nothing can stop Carter from ravishing her Stepmother’s incredible body.